Synopsis : 

  1. In Victorine’s studios in Nice, François Truffaut shoots a film, Day for Night, on the set of another film, Paméla. This shameful, tender and tragic film, constantly mixing life and cinema, comedy and drama, becomes a cult film. And the young stranger who plays the role of François Truffaut, one of the most popular and respected French actresses of her generation. This stranger is Nathalie Baye, she is 23 years old and she is here by chance.


  1. Back in the Victorine studios for the first time, at the age of 73, the actress is very moved. She has never taken part in a shooting without thinking about a sequence of American Night. She has experienced all the situations that are told there, from the lightest to the most serious, from animals refusing to obey the death of a team member, to household scenes and the disappearances of actors.

Format : Documentaire de 60min

Auteures : Camille Hamet et Séréna Robin

Réalisatrices : Camille Hamet et Séréna Robin

Producteur : Jan Vasak