This virtual fiction documentary offers a critical review on sex industry while interrogating tha act of purchase through an interactive experience. The idea is to create an artistic tool in order ro raise awareness about the concrete reality of prosituted persons’ lives and about the pimps’ methods. It must allow to shake up conventional thinking, to prevent pimps’ methods, to break through the taboo of violences and traumatic consequences, to free the voices as well as to inform about the History and currentness of public policies on prostitution.

The user will be completly immersed into the experience thanks to the OZO camera which allows a 360° experience. You will be in the skin of a client or a prostitute facing real testimonies to understand better the stakes of the sex industry.




Director : Sonia Delhaye.

Interactive designer : Charles Ayats.

Lenght : 25 MINUTES.

Broadcasting : Festivals – Player 360° Youtube / Facebook / Wonda VR

With the participation of Région Île de France, Région Grand Est, Luxembourg Film Fund and the CNC.




Winner of the best pitch at the Docs Barcelona 2018 

Selected at New Images Festival 2018

Selected at Paris Courts Devant 2017

Selected at Stereopsia 2017


Plume de Cristal of the Best Interactive Project at the Valence Scénario Festival 2016

Selected at World VR forum