The intermingled destinies of autocrats’ or bloodstained despots’ wives, divided into five big families, five episodes that combine love, glory and terror. The Klepto-ladies, The Red Empresses, The Cooks of Terror, The Illusionists, The Crownless Queens. For the first time, the autocrats’ or bloodstained despots’ wives, have accepted to participate in a documentary series to show us their new lives. The roles and responsibilities of these “despots’ wives” are highlighted.



Lenght : 5 x 52′

Director : Joel Soler.

Author : Joel Soler.

Chief video editor : Stéphanie Pedelacq.

Producer : Jan Vasak.

Documentalist : Carlos Dominguez.

Coproduced with : Day for Night Productions, Futurikon, Geppert Productions and Beomedija Marketing.

With the participation of Planète +, France Télévisions, SVT, DR, Spiegel TV, RTS, LNK, ERR.

With the support of the CNC and the European Union.

Selected at the festival 7 Jours pour le 7ème Art of Colmar, 2015