After season 1, discover three new families of autocrats or bloodstained despots’ wives,
three episodes that combine love, glory, and terror:
– The Scandalous: main character Dewi Sukarno (Indonesia)
– The Damned: main character Nancy Doe (Liberia)
– The Matriarchs: main character Patience Dabany (Congo)



Lenght : 3 x 52′

Director : Joel Soler.

Author : Joel Soler.

Editing : Stéphanie Pedelacq.

Producer : Jan Vasak.

Documentalist : Carlos Dominguez.

Distributor : Doc&Film.

With the participation of Planète +, TV5 Québec, ZDF, Spiegel, RTS, Foxtel, EFF, TVI, C+ Polska