Since the accession of Chavez to power in Venezuela in 1999, this country crystallizes ideological passions: we judge, we exasperate, criticize, this regime that advocates «the Bolivarian revolution». Latin American and European politicians consider Venezuela a model or an anti-model. Some, o cially invited and seduced by the Chavist propaganda, have an idyllic vision; others have a theoretical conception, which corresponds to their dreams of an ideal society; and others who call themselves «liberals» can’t tolerate such a social project. But do we really know what is the Chavismo? What is its essence? Is it the expression of a social malaise, a society out of breath, or the classic expression of Hispanic caudillismo (autocratic leadership)?

The time of the assessment, after 20 years of Chavist regime, has come, beyond ideologies and Manichaeism.

Our project is first of all an immersion in the daily life of Venezuelans. A necessary starting point to see the concrete application of the Chavista revolution: social progress, economic improbabilities, control of the population, and a form of military- political governance. To do this, we will interview a panel of 6 or 8 Venezuelans representing society – of all ages, from all social status, and from all political parties. We will identify the socio-political origins and the major stages in the construction of the Chavismo, which will allow us to put into perspective this so called «Socialism of the 21st century». We will not judge it, but we will try to understand it by analyzing it.


Lenght : Documentary 52′

Written and directed by Laurence Debray

Produced by Jan Vasak

With the participation of ARTE and the CNC.